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Our Mission

Ridin for the cure is 501c3 non profit. 

Ridin’ 4 A Cure is a one day event for the outdoor atv/utv enthusiasts to enjoy the nationally recognized Hatfield-McCoy trail systems. 

The event is stationed at High Wall Park on Route 52 and includes everything from mud bogging, to live entertainment, to a pig roast, prizes and giveaways, and more.  

We also raffle away a side by side.  A 1000 razor with only 500 tickets available.  With a donation of $50 you can help a cancer fighter and get the opportunity to win the side by side.

The event takes place on the second Saturday in October  right during the heart of breast cancer awareness month. 

The question we get is why do we do this event.  This event is a way for us to fulfill our mission and vision

At riding Our mission is to establish a movement to save lives by meeting the needs of our local cancer fighters by investing in prevention, early detection, and care. That each cancer fighter has what they need to attack each day with the self-esteem and confidence to beat this terrible disease.


That Mercer County and surrounding areas set the standard in West Virginia for the lowest cancer rates, through focused prevention, with education partnerships, corporate wellness, and promotion.


Our purpose is to provide the cancer fighter and care givers of our part of the world the resources they require to win!

What have we done. 

Ridin 4 A understands some of our local cancer fighters have struggles getting to their appointments. 

We have teamed up with the Princeton Rescue Squad to offer dedicated cancer transportation from Welch, North Fork, and Bluewell at no cost to the individual! 

These are  scheduled trips provided by trained staff focused on taking the challenge out of getting to the appointment. 

Ridin 4 A Cure has also established WV Gal Hope salon a place where women can get wigs as they battle cancer.  One of the most traumatizing parts of cancer is the moment when the fighter loses their hair due to radiation or chemo.  We are here to help providing wigs at minimal to no cost to the cancer fighter.  

Not just that we are teaming up with the mercer county health board to get processes in place for early detection.

See the reality is that 1 out of every 2 women will get cancer. 1 in 8 breast cancer.  Our goal is to help with early detection, prevention and the costs incurred with cancer.  That we know can become overwhelming. The reality is we want mom there for graduation, the wedding day, first grandchild. And we believe ridin for a cure is our way to make that happen for the people in our community.

Our event and sponsors make this happen.